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About Autodesk AutoCAD Civil

AutoCAD is a standout amongst the most well-known Computer Aided Design (CAD) project. The course target is to educate the students about the essential directions important for expert 2D and 3D CAD drawing, plan and drafting.


75 Hours


2D Drafting

Creating drawing templates

Create basic drawings

Manipulating objects

Dwg. organization & inquiry commands

Annotations objects


Parametric constraints

Converting views to Isometric

Working with reusable content

Managing layers & properties

3D Modeling

Introduction to 3D and views

Concept and application of UCS

3D modeling types and techniques

3D editing and operation tools

Mesh creation tools

Visual effect tools and Rendering

Free form design and editing

3D navigation

Managing viewports

Benefits of getting training with CTS


Learning from certified instructors


International certification from Autodesk


Students will be offered with work book

Course Outcome

Student ability to produce engineered drawings will improve.

Student will learn to sketch with accurate dimensions and study engineering drawings

Student ability to convert sketches into engineered drawings will increase.

Students will become familiar with Auto Cad's two dimensional drawings

The course is designed to aid participants in acquiring skills that would help them in detailed engineering drawings 2D & basic 3D models

Certification sample


Students Projects

autodesk2 autodesk3


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